Presenting our Coaching Staff

We are proud to present our coaching staff for the year 2004. This dedicated group of talented individuals is highly respected by the Club. Many have been involved with Eclipse teams over five years. Most of our 2004 Coaching Staff have their USSF “F” Licenses, some have “D” and “E” licenses as well. Most are certified in First Aid and CPR training.

New Coach’s Application Form

Age Groupings
Boy’s Coaches
Girl’s Coaches
Under 9

Scott Brickman, Coach

Monte Foglia (621-4640) Coach
Under 10

Dave Judson, Coach

Tom Manetta., Coach
Sara Johnson, Coach
Under 11
David Hyland, Coach (368-9763)

John Dell’Anno, Coach (227-6588)
Under 12

David Antos, Coach (227-4502)
Mark Marini, Assist. Coach

Andrew (Assist. Coach)
and Bill Rice, Coach
Under 13

David Wakefield, Coach

Dan Guzylak (227-5337), Coach
Dan Guzylak was named the
New York State West addidas
Coach of the Year!
Bob McCarthy, Assist. Coach
Under 14

Eric Wean, Coach (723-5809)

Jerry Boberskyj – 227-9942 – blue team
Paul Antos, Asst. Coach

Doug Melech, Coach – red team
Julie Melech, Assist. Coach
Under 15

Shawn Bennett, Assist. Coach
Greg Bennett (227-5941), Coach

Rick Frisicano (227-5190) blue team

Dave Agnes, Assist. Coach

David May (621-4449) red team
Mark Bonsignore, Assist. Coach

Under 16

Craig Crandall, Coach
John Santoli, Assist. Coach

Mike Powers (663-1544), Coach
Lisa Bellavia, Assist. Coach

Under 17

Greg Hueber (865-8262), Coach
Bill Hueber (663-6610), Coach

Sal Butera, Coach
John Butera, Assist. Coach

Nikki Guilfoyle, Assist. Coach

Dave Matthews, Coach (left)
Pete Mastrogiovanni, Assist. Coach
Beth Sanger, Assist. Coach
Under 18

Jeff Blanchard (453-9039)
Bruce Meier, Assist. Coach

Paul Foery (225-9487)